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TEAM Leasing Vendor Programs

Your customers are your greatest assets, and we know the more services you can provide, the stronger your relationship will be. We want to help you maintain and strengthen those relationships by providing financing for your products. Below are a few reasons you should choose TEAM as your financing partner:

• Communication is a priority to us, so you will be updated throughout the whole process – Each time someone from our staff has contact with your client, you will be notified.

• Personalized service for your clients to quote and process applications – Friendly, knowledgeable finance reps to handle your clients’ needs while you are working on your next sale.

• Custom designed lease application with payment calculator

• Pre-funding and structured/stage funding on transactions

• Can fund with faxed/scanned documents after signed

• Email and Overnight service for all finance documents if needed

• We finance all types of equipment including software only with implementation costs as well

• Master Lease – Makes it easy to add-on equipment or projects with phases are easily added.

TEAM Leasing provides financing for all types of equipment including:

• Software (can include installation, support and service costs)
• Computer Hardware
• Medical Equipment
• Manufacturing & Industrial Equipment
• Construction Equipment
• Telephone Systems
• Printing Equipment
• Office Furniture & Equipment
• Signs and signage
• Agricultural Equipment
• Restaurant Equipment

We Communicate!

Have you ever found yourself wondering…
“What’s going on with the customer I sent to that leasing company?”

TEAM Leasing believes COMMUNICATION IS KEY in a GREAT working relationship. We will keep you up- to-date every step of the approval process. We know you work hard to acquire new business and as your Virtual Finance Department, we report to you the result of every conversation we have with your customer good or bad.

Here’s How It Works:

TEAM receives application or lease information from your sales staff…

• Your sales staff provides TEAM with the email address(s) where you would like update notifications to be sent.

• Each time TEAM contacts the customer on your behalf, an update is automatically emailed to the address(s) you supplied.

• From the first contact with the customer all the way to notifying you of the final funding, we keep you posted.

• Our Status Update & Notification System helps take the guess work out of the leasing process!

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