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TEAM Leasing Business Equipment Financing

TEAM Leasing provides leasing and financing for almost all types of equipment, including signs, heavy equipment, and industry specific equipment. Leasing is the smart, no hassle way for a company to add income-producing equipment by allowing capital expenditures to be spread across time with monthly payments, leaving a smaller dent in your bottom line while improving your cash flow. From small family businesses to multinational corporations, cash flow is king. It makes business sense to lease your equipment so your business isn’t tying up capital and your bank lines.

TEAM Leasing finances all types of equipment!

• Computer Hardware – Desktops and laptops are an essential part of businesses in today’s economy, and being current with your technology is crucial. In addition, we can finance your complete network upgrade including servers, switches, software, cabling and labor expenses.

• Medical Equipment – From cat scans to MRI and X-ray machines, TEAM can provide medical equipment financing for your practice. We have assisted physicians, dentists, and medical specialists with customized medical equipment leasing programs for 15 years.

• Manufacturing/Industrial Equipment – As the cost of manufacturing equipment continues to rise, let TEAM help your cash flow with a customized finance solution and have your equipment pay for itself as it produces for your clients, allowing you stay ahead of your competition.

• Printing Equipment – Companies in the printing business need the latest equipment to stay ahead of the curve with so many new competitors, many based online. TEAM can finance all commercial printing equipment such as heavy duty printing presses and large format printers.

• Telecom/Telephone Systems – TEAM can finance your every need in the telecom industry and has been doing so for over a decade. Need to upgrade your simple phone system to an advanced VoIP solution? Are you a service provider that needs to replace all your switches? TEAM can help!

• Construction Equipment – From excavators, cranes, bulldozers, and everything in between, TEAM can finance all of your heavy construction equipment. We can put together a financing solution to meet your needs and enable you to handle your cash flow, especially if you’re a seasonal or cyclical business.

• Office Furniture & Equipment – Let us finance your office equipment needs from copiers and new computer systems to replacing your office furniture. Enjoy the flexibility in your cash flow along with the tax benefits when you finance your office equipment.

• Signage – Leasing your signs provides on premise advertising without draining much needed capital for your business. TEAM’s sign leasing programs will provide you a fixed monthly payment for your sign and have it create a return that easily pays for itself.

• Vehicles/Agricultural Equipment – TEAM provides the appropriate financing for all types of company vehicles, from buses and limos to cars and vans. We also provide financing programs for our agricultural clients combines, tractors, vehicles, etc..

• Restaurant Equipment – TEAM has leased equipment over the years, ranging from ice machines and deep fryers to a restaurant’s point of sale hardware and software. Our leases help restaurants preserve bank lines and manage their cash flow and operating capital.

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