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SaaS / Cloud Software Financing

SaaS / Cloud Software Financing

Cloud-based software and Software as a Service (SaaS) continue to gain momentum in today’s global marketplace with thousands of businesses considering cloud services as an integral part of their operations. TEAM Leasing provides financing solutions for businesses of all sizesto help themmigrate to the cloud for their software application needs.

SaaS solutions, cloud software that is subscription based, allows your company to run computer applications over the internet from anywhere, eliminating the need to have software installed on your local laptop or other computer hardware. Now, your employees need only a web browser to access your business applications from anywhere and at any time.
TEAM Leasing provides financing and leasing services for cloud software and subscriptions in a wide range of industries. Here are just a few examples of what we have helped small and medium businesses finance over the years:

  • CRM/ERP Systems for all types of businesses
  • EMR/EHR Solutions
  • CAD Software and Licensing
  • Accounting Software

Whether it’s a new EMR Solution for a healthcare company, CAD software for an engineering/architect firm or an upgraded CRM Solution for your business, TEAM can help offset the upfront costs of annual subscriptions and licensing with a custom financing solution. In addition to the subscription, TEAM can wrap in any maintenance contracts and labor/training associated with your implementation ensuring your success in the cloud moving forward.

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    <span>SaaS / Cloud software loans</span> In 3 Easy Steps.

    Financing for cloud service models such as SaaS, PaaS, laaS and more.

    Cloud computing has become an essential part of business technology and one of the most important decisions for your cloud strategy is implementing the right service model and platform for your company. A large, upfront investment is almost always needed and can be challenging for a business and it's budget. A custom finance or lease program from TEAM can help you manage your cash flow and provide funding for your entire implementation from software licensing/subscription renewals to installation/labor charges with maintenance contracts. Contact us today about your cloud software implementation and let us get you funding this week!

    Financing for cloud service models such as SaaS, PaaS, laaS and more.
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