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Software Leasing

According to industry research, businesses use Software Leasing to finance more than $2 billion dollars in software each year in the United States. These businesses choose to lease software because they know that leasing offers numerous advantages over other type of financing.  Some of these benefits include tax deductions, balance sheet management, write-offs, more flexibility, and easy upgrades. Software Leasing is essential when you need to upgrade but don’t have the capital in your budget for the increasing cost of software. Stay ahead of the competition with current technology by using TEAM’s Software Leasing programs and help your business grow to it’s potential.

TEAM Specializes in Software Leasing

TEAM Leasing was one of the pioneers of software leasing 15 years ago, working with banks to reach a comfort level. TEAM has developed a niche in software financing, thus allowing clients to include training, maintenance, and support. Our unique Software Leasing service has helped many companies purchase the software resources needed to help their business stay ahead. While most lenders won’t consider financing software since it is not a tangible asset, TEAM is able to bridge that gap, and understands your total software solution is critical and vital backbone to your business thriving.

TEAM has provided software leasing to thousands of clients, enabling them to keep their companies running efficiently over the years. Our professional financial reps provide competitive options and exceptional service that has placed us as the premier software leasing and financing company.

Examples of Software Leasing 

• CRM/ERP Software Leasing
• Point of Sale Software Leasing
• Accounting Software Leasing
• CAD Software Leasing
• Graphic Design Software Leasing
• Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Medical Billing Software Leasing
• Data backup and recovery Software Leasing
• Inventory Management Software Leasing


Need more than Software Leasing?

At TEAM, we can develop a finance plan for virtually any piece of computer hardware you need to wrap into your software purchase. Whether it be software and hardware or other networking needs, call TEAM Leasing at 888-457-7550 to get started today.


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