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About Team Leasing

Financing Your Business

TEAM Leasing provides commercial lending services to a broad range of clients all over the country, and can help with your projects ranging from $5,000 to $5 million. We specialize in lease and finance programs for all types of equipment. Whether your company needs only software to improve your business, or heavy machinery and industry specific equipment to maximize production, TEAM can develop a financing option to meet your unique borrowing needs.

We offer a wide range of flexible lease programs. Not only can you count on receiving competitive rates, you will also benefit from an efficient and quick approval process. In addition, we can work directly with your vendors to keep your project moving along smoothly.

Lease Programs

“Application Only”

• For transactions $150,000 or less, complete this one page application.
• With heavier equipment, we can approve up to $200,000 with just an application.
• Quick and efficient process can provide a credit decision within a few hours.
• Easy documentation can be emailed to you same day.
• We communicate and work directly with your vendor throughout the process.

Medium and Large Ticket

• Transactions between $150,000+ require 1 year of audited statements or corporate tax returns, plus year to date financial statements.
• If greater than $250,000, typically 2 years of audited statements or corporate tax returns is needed along with the year to date results.
• Principals of the business may be asked to provide additional financial information on a case by case basis.
• With projects in this dollar range, we continue to stay flexible with your vendors and typically have a credit decision within a day or two.

TEAM Leasing can handle all of your equipment and software leasing needs for practically any dollar amount. Contact us at 888-457-7550 or apply now with our secure online application. Financing all types of equipment and industries

TEAM Leasing provides financing for all types of equipment and industries such as:

• Software (can include installation, support and service costs)
• Computer Hardware
• Medical Equipment
• Manufacturing & Industrial Equipment
• Construction Equipment
• T elephone Systems
• Printing Equipment
• Office Furniture & Equipment
• Signs
• Agricultural Equipment
• Restaurant Equipment


Types of leases and purchase options

Finance/Capital Lease

This lease is also referred to as a “$1 option” and the customer owns the equipment at the end of the original term. For tax purposes, you have a few options on how to depreciate the equipment with this “lease to own” option. These types of leases are common with “non tangible” items such as software or signs, and items that do not hold their value over time.

FMV/True Lease

This type of lease typically qualifies as an “operating lease” and can qualify for off balance sheet treatment. If qualified, the payments can be written off as an operating expense for accounting purposes; however, be sure to consult with your accounting professional. These leases can be helpful if you are looking to rotate and upgrade your technology every few years.

Leasing Process

We understand that your time is important when it comes to your projects. Our knowledgeable and courteous financing professionals are here to answer any questions you have and provide you with a quick turnaround so you can obtain financing as soon as possible to get your project moving.

Step 1
Discuss your project financing needs with one of our lease finance specialists who can develop a financing solution to meet your business needs.

Call us at 888-457-7550 or email us

Step 2
Complete our secure online application

Or, download a PDF application here (fax the application in to us at 512-452-7552)

Step 3
Once we receive your application, it will be processed immediately.

Step 4
After your application has been reviewed and approved, we can email the finance documents and an easy to understand instruction sheet listing what we need returned with the signed paperwork to complete the transaction.

Step 5
Once we receive all of the required information, we can issue purchase orders or release funds to your vendor and then commence your lease.

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